How to get to Coburg Town Hall

Jan 24, 2024 | Uncategorized

Getting Started:

Before embarking on your journey, it’s essential to plan your route. Fortunately, there are several tools available to assist you in making informed decisions.

  1. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Journey Planner:

    The PTV Journey Planner is a user-friendly tool that provides comprehensive information on Melbourne’s public transportation system. Simply input your current location (Melbourne CBD) and destination (Coburg Town Hall), and the planner will generate various route options, including tram, train, and bus schedules.

    Here’s a link to the PTV Journey planner for directions between Melbourne Central and Coburg Town Hall

  2. Google Maps:

    Google Maps is a versatile tool that not only provides accurate directions but also offers real-time updates on public transportation options. Enter your starting point and destination, and Google Maps will offer multiple routes, highlighting the most efficient and time-effective choices. It even provides live tracking for trams and buses, ensuring you stay updated on any delays or changes.

    Here’s a link to the public transport directions between Melbourne Central and Coburg Town Hall

Paying for Public Transport:

In order to use public transport in Victoria, you will need to get a Myki card. It’s a tap-and-go ticketing system that used by most forms of public transport.
You can buy a Myki at hundreds of shops including most 7-11 stores. If you have an Android Phone, you can also buy a mobile Myki via Google Wallet. For more information, visit the PTV Website here.

Choosing Your Mode of Transport:

Melbourne boasts an extensive public transportation network, giving you multiple options for reaching Coburg Town Hall.

  1. Trams:

    Melbourne is famous for its iconic tram network. Tram routes 19 and 1 will take you from the CBD to Coburg, with stops near the Coburg Town Hall. Check the PTV Journey Planner or Google Maps for the nearest tram stops and departure times.

    From Melbourne Central Station, Route 19 will take about 32 minutes (including an 8 minute walk), and Route 1 will take about 36 minutes (including a 15 minute walk)

  2. Trains:

    If you prefer the comfort of trains, catch the Upfield line and alight at Coburg Station. From Southern Cross station, the journey will take about 31 minutes (including a 7 minute walk from Coburg Station to Coburg Town Hall)

  3. Buses:

    Several bus routes connect the CBD to Coburg. Use the PTV Journey Planner to identify the most convenient bus option based on your location and schedule.

Navigating from Melbourne CBD to Coburg Town Hall is a breeze with the wealth of tools available at your fingertips. Whether you opt for trams, trains, buses, or a combination, the key is to plan ahead using tools like the PTV Journey Planner and Google Maps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. So, lace up your walking shoes and get ready to discover the charm of Coburg!