Main Event: The Modern Mana Clash!
28 Apr 09:00 AM
Until 28 Apr, 09:00 PM 12h

Main Event: The Modern Mana Clash!

A constructed format featuring the best of the best Magic cards of the Modern era. Over $5000 in prizes to compete for, including $2000 cash for first place!

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Entry Fee: $50

Cap: 128

Date: Sunday 28th April

Registration Starts: 9:00am

Event Starts: 9:45am

Prize Support:

    • 1st: $2000 Cash
    • 2nd: $1000 Cash
    • 3-4th: $500 Cash
    • 5-8th: $250 Cash (5-8)
    • 9-16th: $100 in Prize Wall Tickets (9-16)
    • 17-32nd: $50 in Prize Wall Tickets (17-32)

Format: Modern

REL: Competitive

Decklist Requirements: Yes
Submit your decklists electronically to before Saturday 27th 11:59pm
More detailed information available at:

Top 8 Play-offs: Yes

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